Empowering the Medical Device Industry

The 3D Systems Healthcare is partnering with the medical device industry to drive the next generation of healthcare products and applications. 3D printing and advanced manufacturing technology enable new product innovation by accelerating the design process—bringing revolutionary medical devices to market faster than ever before.

作为先进制造的前沿,3D Systems 致力于不断创新其技术和流程,以使合作伙伴能够快速、经济地开发功能强大的新型医疗器械。最重要的是,3D Systems 致力于使用 3D 打印来改善患者的治疗效果和改善人体状况。

凭借软件、技术、服务和专业咨询的完整生态系统,3D Systems 成为医疗器械行业的首选。其位于北美和欧洲的世界级 FDA 注册 ISO 13485 认证设施为 3D 打印、工程、质量控制和法规要求提供了宝贵的专业知识。3D Systems 帮助行业领导者开发了多样化的突破性精准医疗保健应用与医疗技术产品组合。


3D Systems has manufactured more than 600,000 medical device implants for its partners. The state-of-the-art ProX® DMP 320platform provides best-in-class material properties and surface resolution for metal parts. From the very first FDA-cleared, 3D printed titanium implant, 3D Systems has a proven track record as the partner of choice for medical design and manufacturing. 3D Systems accelerates healthcare innovation and enable the next generation of designs.

  • Orthopaedic Solutions

    3D printed titanium implants exhibit excellent mechanical properties to enable the delivery of implant solutions for challenging orthopaedic applications, improving processes and patient outcomesblob.png